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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  September 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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right now on news channel 8 first at 4:00. now 4 headlines at 4:00. number one, zika virus in your backyard, today, new strides to fight the zika virus in the bay area. what 8 on your side learned about a new inspection that has parents in an uproar. sewer water being pumped into tampa bay. one law maker is pushing for answers. >> the way a bank is accused of opening more accounts to charge customers more money. >> this is first at 4:00. right now on wall street, fears of an interest rate hike has the stock market way down at
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numbers. the dow down 392 points now. after the federal reserve bank of boston's president made a speech today saying quote, a reasonable case can be made for a rate hike. we'll keep an eye on this and let you know if anything changes. now our 8 on your side coverage. >> the zika virus is the topic of serious discussion between bay area health departments, experts today. >> they're learning the latest information to protect babies. rod carter is covering this story live. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good evening guys. dozens of people were getting the latest information about the zika virus this morning in florida. these are the folks who work front line, one on one with a lot of pregnant moms in the area. and they want to make sure these women have the best information to keep their
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information coming from the podium. >> i'll go over some basic information about zika virus. >> she works with hillsborough county healthy start. a direct link to expectant mothers in the bay area. she answers a lot of questions. >> when it comes to the zika virus, pretty much they want to know what do i do to protect myself? >> today she and others are getting the latest information live in florida. you see yourself doing this quite often. i encourage moms, if you see a bite where you have a question or concern, it's better to be on the side of caution, talk to your doctor. local and state health officials are working closely trying to stop the spread of the virus. getting the information to moms
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>> we want women to make sure they're healthy throughout the pregnant psi and the baby is healthy after birth. and teaching the teacher is one way to do it too. that's why they're listening closely. precious bundles of joy are what hangs on every word said. >> we all want our babies to be hem think. >> the healthy serves 12,000 women every year. the information they got here today is going to go a long way. >> i know a zika virus hot line was established in february. i'm guessing they're busy answering a lot of questions about zika virus. do we know how many calls they're getting? >> you can just imagine how many calls they're getting and we're told they're getting more than 5600 calls so far. that number continues to grow everyday. if you think about how many calls we get at the station
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calling the hot line now as well. so it's very busy. >> i like the proactive approach. >> to get that hot line number and learn more about zika, go to our web team is constantly updating the site. >> plato academy of largo is getting ready to hold a forum with parents to go over inspection results after complaints of mold in classrooms. this is the second inspection down the school. the quality of the indeer air is claimed to be adequate and no imminent health concerns detected. parents tell us they still want a mold inspection like promised. >> we're extremely upset. we keep sending emails saying what about our company. you promised mold inspections from a company of our choice shadowed by parent or someone
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rep acceptation. and we were denied access. >> news channel 8's jamel la nay caught up with the school's owner in a restaurant parking lot. you'll hear what he said about keeping the promise and about the mold coming up at 6:00. 8 on your side is digging for answers about the discharge of sewage into tampa bay. city officials admitted that partially treated waste water is being dump into the bay. city managers are telling water has been dumped so far. kathleen peters tells us st. petersburg has an obligation to let us know because of health concerns. >> we should know where they're dumping. if they're dumping in tampa bay, at the south treatment center by eckert college, absolutely they should be letting us know. those citizens need to know. >> representative peters is
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area's failing infrastructure with local leaders. while in residents are cleaning up, some haven't started that process yet. some who live in the bass lake area of new port richey, they're still under water. crews are working to lower the water level of nearby retention ponds hoping that will give that water somewhere to go. 8 on your side will let you know how it works out. now storm team 8 meteorologist julie phillips. >> it's been a dry start to the week. we are looking at the humidity back up and the rains chances back up again as well. here's the view at lakewood ranch. 1/100 of an inch of rain so far this afternoon. recent passing showers dropped temperatures a little bit as well. you can see on the vater vapor
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place, but we're seeing the increase in moisture today. that's how we're going to start to see more showers in the northern spots as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. at this point, not a whole lot on the radar, polk county tracking a few spotty showers. some around polk city, maybe bringing a quick down pour. also tracking some moderate rainfall south of the lake land area. farther south, tracking more spotty showers. continuing to get closer toward the coast as we head into the 30% chance of rain in the forecast for this evening. friday night football games at kickoff, 86 degrees. it'll still be warm. we could see a few passing showers and storms around. by halftime, most of that rain coming to an end. mostly dry by the final play, 82 degrees. and a little bit on the muggy side. as we head into tomorrow, great start to saturday, upper 70s, as we head into the afternoon hours, we top out near 92.
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hurricane season. climate logical peek. we'll talk about those and have your full weekend forecast coming up in minutes. honoring the men and women who died on september 11th. it was a small simple ceremony. just how organizers wanted it. see how a big bank is accused of taking money from customers with sneaky fees. and lobsters, they're
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to cracking a new record, that's coming up on first at
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welcome back to an 8 on your side consumer alert for anyone who banks with wells fargo. the world's largest bank was hit with 185 million-dollars in fines. thousands of employees were caught setting up fake accounts and fake credit cards. wells 1.35 million bank accounts and more than a half a million credit cards never requested by customers leaving them perplexed. >> at one time, i'm looking at it, counting it, i had 15 accounts at once. and these are accounts i never opened. >> frustrating for sure. some employees were pressured to sell account add ons customers to meet what they say
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we put a link to the wells fargo website on our web site. nissan is recalling 120,000 cars and suvs because brake fluid can leek and cause fires. the recall covers some morano suvs and maxima cars equipped with intelligence cruise control. if the fluid leeks the anti lock brake warning light will come owners who see that should park outside and call their dealer. the price for a popular seafood is going up. lobster prices in august hit a ten-year high. right now you're going to shell out 9 to $11 a pound for a live lobster. that's a few more bucks than a year ago. if you get hungry for lobster. we'll get another look at the
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a cartoon, a horror movie, and a big name drama. then a young bucks player retires. but is he really done with football? we'll discuss. >> you can get developments on all of today's biggest stories on tampa bay's most convenient prime time news cast every night. on great 38 at 8:00. we hope to see you there.
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so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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all right. joining us now for another check of our weather, here's julie phillips. >> it's been a great week. >> a little hotter today though. it's starting to sneak back in a little bit. >> still early september. although some changes will come by the end of september, we'll maybe start to cool off. >> she's got softball games this weekend. >> i'm doing to be hot. >> i'm not on the softball team.
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friday afternoon, this is the look out of the tower cam from downtown tampa. a great spot to be. enjoying a nice quiet evening, there's a chance of showers in the forecast, not huge. a 30% chance of an isolated shower or storm. temperatures will still be in the mid 80s. waking up tomorrow morning, a sunny start to the day, mid to upper 70s, then we top out in the low 90s as we head into tomorrow afternoon, bringing showers and storms. but 30% for this time of the year is not bad at all. on the radar currently, we're seeing rain, but the showers are having a hard time getting going. because there's slightly dryer air in place. you can see spotty showers around the sarasota area moving out toward the beaches, places like long boat key, up toward siesta key. for the rest of the evening,
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the coast. coming to an end after sunset tonight. quiet conditions into the over night hours by the afternoon, we heat up quickly again, bringing back up rain chances to 30% as we head into the afternoon and evening hours, pretty classic summertime florida weather for us. sunday, pretty much a repeat. quiet to start the day. temperatures top out in the low 90s, we bring back up shower and storm chances late in the day. sunday the they're playing in atlanta in the georgia dome. there's a small chance of a passing shower. but it'll be warm at 88 degrees by the time the game begins. here's a look at the tropics. what we're tracking. this invest recently developed. this is 92l. over the next five days, a 40% chance of development in the florida straights. another area has an 80% chance of development but will be staying in the central
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watching. a little lower level circulation there. models continue to bring it out toward the west. but it has a hard time developing. classic conditions through the weekend with slightly higher rain chances through next week. from horror to animation to drama based on a true story, four new movies open in theaters this weekend. how will they fare? >> no one said you are going to lose both engines at a altitude than any jet in history. >> tom hanks and clint eastwood's first collaboration sully touches down in theaters with the best shot at number one. industry experts peg the real life drama to land in the 25 million-dollar range. >> we tried for a long time to get pregnant. it really put the two of us through hell. >> they star as aspiring parents seeking a surrogate but getting more than they
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breaks. the psychological thriller cost 10 million to make. while sony is projecting a 10 million-dollar opening. it's predicted the movie could open to as much as 20 million. more talking animals swoop into theaters with the wildlife. the animated retelling of robinson caruso. >> hello? >> the disappointments room is the first film released by relatively media from bankruptcy. it opens on fewer screens than competitors with box office trackers pegging it to open in the 2 million-dollar range. >> there is a lot going on in the bay area this weekend if you're looking for something to do. 8 on your side has the answers. joining me right now with the weekend buzz is katie from 933.3. thanks for being here. we have a lot going on. starting with miranda lambert.
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tickets are still available. $25. she has kitt moore and brothers osborne with her. he's one of my favorites. but piff the magic dragon from america's got talent. he's in town. >> comedian, magician, he's at side splitters comedy club tonight, tomorrow, and sunday. there's a lot of shows. $25 a ticket. he's so funny. and he's got crazy dog lady. i was like i love this guy. >> if you want to get exercise, there's the 5k flavor run. >> this is tomorrow morning, 9:00, knock it out before the heat comes in. florida state fairgrounds. basically you run this 5k and they throw clouds of kool-aid powder. it's all fruit flavored. that's tomorrow. you can still register.
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>> sunday, am lee arena, puff daddy, mace, lil kim, french montana, faith evans, this is the epidamy of cool throw back bad boy artists. and kanye is coming to tampa. this is wednesday, tickets are available. $50. lots to do. never a boring minute. and it's going to be a nice florida weekend. and every football friday, news channel and we throw a pep rally at northeast high school in pittsburgh. here's news channel 8's meredith. >> we're at northeast high school, home of the vikings in saint pete. and look at all these students that woke up early to be here with us. they are taking on gibbs high school tonight. it's not a rivalry game.
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we have the culinary students made us breakfast. we've got the pep squad here. we've got signs. we've even got, of course, our football players. we have the cheerleaders. and no football game would be complete without the band. so we want to come over here and martin powers about getting everybody pumped up. hey martin. >> hello. >> hello. i know the band plays a major role in football games. what do you try to do to get the band pumped up and the student body pumped up? >> i try to yell as loud as i can. >> you've been doing a great job. thank you for getting up with us. >> all right guys.
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northeast high school vikings and gibbs. don't forget tonight on the friday night blitz, we're going to have all the action from the tampa bay area. they are excited. and now let's check in with your first at 4:00 sports with dan lucas. don't look now, nfl season is under way. >> it is. you look last week, here's the rosters, no, it changes all the time. the bucks aren't the same team they were a >> great game to kick it off last night. >> in atlanta. missing a field goal at the end of the game. that by the way puts the bucks a half game ahead of the carolina panthers and they haven't played well. roster moves in the nfl, they sound confusing, different designations to protect or unload players but the bucks put out a note this morning that just sounded odd, wide receiver evan spencer placed on a list called the release
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with football. let's backtrack here, spencer went through his second nfl off season this summer. was cut by the bucks last saturday then resigned to the practice squad this weekend. he was all happy about it. did he retire because he didn't want to play football any more? i doubt it. let's hope that spencer unretires at some point and this is just simply a way for the bucks to keep him around. spencer is out. but guess who comes back? tight end danny bucks on twitter this afternoon. he was waved last saturday, picked up by the buffalo bills. then released because the bills claimed he had a torn labrum. the bucks did not diagnose the shoulder any where close to a torn labrum. obviously they see a good reason to continue his growth at that tight end position. welcome back. and this is unfortunate. a situation is going to effect tomorrow's florida state football game. the seminoles opponent,
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suspend up to 30 players for an apparent ncaa violation. players spent their scholarship book money at the student bookstore. an employee at the store told the players if they did not spend the entire allotment, they would lose out on the money. the players spent the left over money on other school supplies. there's your violation. >> what? >> as we know, florida state is going to be a huge favorite any ways and i don't know how many people charleston southern is going to bring to tomorrow. >> of all the violations. >> we talk about ncaa violations and point at schools all the time. and then there's the absurd. charleston southern took this game to make money for the school. i'm sure the players were looking forward to playing. they were given the option of sitting out next game or a conference game. >> this could be a large score. >> it's going to be a long day for charleston southern. >> let's hope everybody's all
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eagle 8 hd, ruling the skies of tampa bay. visit your local dealer today or stop by >> where can you get the low estimate dress prices ? famous
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four headlines at 4:30, an faa warning for anyone flying with a samsung galaxy note 7 phone. that's right. you should not turn on or charge that device during flights due to concerns over batteries catching fire. it's very unusual for the faa to issue such a specific warning. last week samsung recalled all galaxy note 7 phones after reports of explosions while they were charging. number tw 9/11 today members of the hassocky gathered in washington for a ceremony ahead of the 15th anniversary of the attacks. they were september 11th, 2001. 19 men hijacked four fuel loaded u.s. commercial planes and crashed them. a total of 2,977 people were killed that day. number three, the water may have receded in louisiana, but the work is far from over. on capitol hill today, the state's governor calls this flood a major disaster.
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2 billion-dollar package to help his state rebuild. and number four, a small plane goes down north of phoenix. this is what's left of it despite all that damage. the four people on board are expected to survive, incredible. no word on what caused the crash. today for the first time we heard from the woman accused of hiring a hit man to kill her ex- husband. we're finding out more about this murder attempt. deputies tell news channel an undercover deputy $5,000 to kill her ex-husband david. according to the arrest report, she hoped he could drown or die in a fire. today in court, she told the judge she lives on food stamps. >> what do you do for income. >> i am struggling right now. >> officials believe she planned to leave the country before the murder was carried
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$100,000 she'll be required to wear an ankle monitor. do you remember the teenagers accused of attacking a classmate in an attempt to please a fictional character named slender man. today one of the girls asked the court to change her plea to guilty by reason of mental disease or disorder. she and another girl have been in custody since they were charged with attempted first- degree murder back in 2014. the north las vegas police department is getting heat this video. you're watching a suspected killer breaking his handcuffs inside the station and getting free. the officers handling the case were not watching their own live feed. perez eventually climbed through the ceiling. it took officers days to find him and rearrest him. police are now changing their policies. making news today, chipotle settles lawsuits with more than 100 customers who became sick
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number of food safety issues over the past year. 55 people got e. coli in 11 states there was also a nor row virus out break. the amount of the settlement remains undisclosed. check out this stunning surveillance video from connecticut. you see the dark blue ford explorer backing away from the store before it suddenly accelerates, smashing right through the front door. from another angle you can see counter. he's banged up but is expected to be okay. the 64-year-old driver apparently hit the gas instead of the brake. now let's get a look at the weekend weather ahead. storm team 8 meteorologist julie phillips. this weekend for weather nerds like me, this is an exciting time. since early june, the normal high temperature we've been tracking, 90 degrees. well, saturday, that normal high finally drops a degree, to 89. it's not a huge difference.
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going to start that slow decent toward cooler temperatures eventually making its way down to 70 degrees as the average high by january. as we get into the end of september, we may see a noticeable difference in temperatures. at this point, still hot across the tampa bay area. 94 in tampa. 95 in fish hawk. 92 in sarasota. 90 in lake land. it's warm. we have slightly dryer air around. the we're not noticing lower humidity. but we're not seeing as much rain as we typically would. we have spotty showers making their way toward the coast this afternoon. we'll keep a 30% chance of rain in the forecast through the evening. that's generally what we'll see throughout the weekend as well with higher rain chances as we head into the middle of next week, we'll have a full look at your forecast in a few minutes. a program dedicated to helping the homeless in
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its shelter. news channel 8's mary maguire shows us how. hurricane hermine made a serious impact here in clear water. during the storm. more than 60 tents were damaged. that added on top of the dozens effected by tropical storm collin. pinellas hope is home for many people as they transition from homelessness. folks like jedd williams who has been here for six months. >> it's a which each cost about $70 but only last about six months. dozens were destroyed by the winds and rain by a one-two punch of tropical storm collin in june. >> what can tents withstand in wind conditions or rain and flooding? they can't. so you have to secure this facility at every condition. >> the program had to shell out thousands to replace the tents
4:37 pm
now they are eyeing a more permanent solution. >> hope cottages is the solution. you never have to worry about a tropical storm, a hurricane, ever again. >> shipping containers can be converted into stable apartments dubbed hope cottages allowing residents to have a bed, air conditioning, and lights, all the tools needed for people to get back on their feet. >> this place has so much to offer if you apply yourself to it. >> they aren't cheap. 30,000 a piece. indestructible. the investment is worth it to ensure residents have everything they need to succeed. thankfully, none of the residents here were hurt during the hurricane. reporting in clear water, mary maguire, news channel 8. and now as part of our commitment to the tampa bay heart walk we're featuring the stories of local heart disease and stroke survivors and today, it's becky grimmer, a 30-year- old stroke victim who describes the moment her life changed
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>> you fell. >> inexplainable. there was no warning. i didn't feel bad, didn't feel woozy i didn't feel anything. >> she suffered a massive stroke on a saturday morning while waiting tables. a coworker caught her just before she hit the ground. he said becky, becky, becky, are you okay? becky? come on, becky, what day is it? becky, get up? and i there were no words. i was having a whole conversation with him in my head but nothing came out. >> after being rushed to the hospital, doctors went through an artery in becky's leg to break up a clot in her brain. the stroke effected becky's left side and her speech. >> i'd have to speak like this
4:39 pm
long time. and her mother carol was there every step of the way. >> she was always thinking left foot, no right foot, and then left foot and then right foot and the last thing to come back was her face. she had one whole side of the face paralyzed. so when she would smile, only half here face smiled. -- three years later it happened again. this time at her >> i said no, what's her last name? what's grandma's last name? and she just looked at me. i said okay, raise your arms. and the arms went up. and one arm went down. i said okay now we're going to the car. >> becky suffered a second stroke. which is a stroke of no known cause. >> do you worry about having another? >> some days. some days i do. but most days i don't.
4:40 pm
petersburg. she now shares the warning signs of stroke every chance she gets. becky wants people to know the acronym fast which stands for face arm speech and time. >> i've talked to many people that knew the first three letters of the acronym that if somebody's face or arm is messed up or if somebody's speech is unclear and they're not talking correctly, they could be having a time that might be most important. if someone is having a stroke, act fast, like those with becky did. and boy is she grateful. >> i feel blessed that i got two extra chances at life. >> because of people like becky, news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000 for this year's heart walk. we need your help to do it. kia is matching the first $50,000 we raise so every
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as two. the walk is november 12th. i hope you'll come out and join me at raymond james stadium. go to walk for details. this little girl and her cotton cab di are going viral. you can see why. we'll hear what the three-year- old thinks about her new found fame, coming up. >> sugar rush. >> stick around for these 8 on your side stories. >> they've been here now the county is giving him an extra 100 grand of your tax dollars to do its job. >> today on better call behnken i'm on the case of a sarasota woman who lost $51,000 in a realestate swindle. today i sit down with united states secret service to find out what could have been done to prevent this and what can be done now. if you're a taxpayer, you shell out tens of millions of dollars to buy the jordan park public housing project. and now you're about to pay for
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s a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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eagle 8 hd coverage. welcome back time for another check of your forecast, here's storm team 8 meteorologist julie phillips. we're heading into the weekend after an awesome week. i wish we had the lower humidity. >> it is friday though. that helps. that's almost as great as low humidity. here's a look at the en pretty good. classic summertime weather. we're in the low 90s each afternoon and we're calling for a 30% chance of rain. hit and miss storms at your house each afternoon and evening. definitely not going to be a wash out if you have outdoor plans like we typically tell you, the morning, early afternoon hours, the best for those before we start to see showers developing. and of course this week in college football, the bulls playing at home in tampa, 83
4:46 pm
stray storm possible during that game against kentucky, fsu playing in tallahassee, 90 degrees. sunny skies for that game. in miami, a 40% storm chance as they take on fau and ucf playing in michigan. showers and thunderstorms throughout that game. the rattlers will be playing in south carolina, partly cloudy skies, beautiful conditions for football there. at this point this afternoon, the showers have really had a hard time ge developing. but nothing too robust at this point. a quick down pour through lake land and polk city right now, but besides that, it's quiet on the radar. beautiful view from the plantation on crystal river. just a few fair weather cumulus clouds around. no rain at this location today. throughout the evening, the forecast models shows you will see a few showers that will continue to move closer toward the coast. but after sunset, most of that
4:47 pm
it's going to be quiet to start your saturday morning. by saturday afternoon, a few showers pushing closer toward the coast by the afternoon and evening hours, but rain chance only 30%. not everyone seeing the rain. sunday, a repeat. quiet to start the day. isolated showers and storms ramp up through the afternoon and evening hours. out in the tropics, watching a few areas, invest 92 l in the florida straights, this has a 40% chance but just with its proximity to us, we'll watch this area closely, watching another area that's facing not great conditions to really develop. only has a 10% chance of development as it moves toward the north and west, this area, an 80% chance of development. but it will stay in the central atlantic, and like i mentioned earlier in the news cast, as we head into this weekend, tomorrow is the peek of hurricane season, so far this
4:48 pm
before it's all said and done. through the weekend classic florida conditions continue, with higher rain chances and deeper moisture next week. well, meryl streep is headed to television. >> and rick has that story and more in today's hollywood minute. meryl streep is headed to television, deadline reports the three time academy award winner will star in and produce an adaptation of the nicks based on the best novel. jj abrams will produce the series alongside the novel's author nathan hill. casting news, joe will soon dawn a super hero mask, variety reports the actor is confirmed to play slade wilson, the assassin death stroke in ben affleck's upcoming batman movie. >> let's begin. we invite you into our circle.
4:49 pm
ouiji. it follows a mother and her daughters who run a seance business. it hits theaters october 21st. and a quick programming note for you tonight on news channel 8, you have a chance to stand up to cancer, it's a live annual telethon raising money to beat the disease, featuring performances by celine dion, keith urban, and more. we'll be right back with more
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes.
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nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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welcome back. ufc fighter misha tate may be boss in the ring but she's also a hero on the trail. she came to the rescue of a little girl who broke her arm while hiking with her family on a mountain range near las vegas after splinting her arm she carried her down the hill. the little girl sent her an online thank you.
4:53 pm
most rewarding days of her career. some cuteness on a friday afternoon, a three-year-old seattle mariners fan who is now an internet sensation. >> today we're introduced to that new social media sensation, cotton candy girl. >> most days this is bouncy beatrix heart. the three-year-old who gives gifts and sings. but today she's got a big interview. here with dad to talk about her new nickname cotton candy girl now. >> yay mariners. >> the jumbotron captured an amazing moment. covered in cotton candy that's beatrix going berserk. the cameras came back again and again. she hit the car seat hard after words. meanwhile the mariners posted this video and the internet got to work.
4:54 pm
about it. >> now cotton candy girl and her apparent sugar rush are famous. >> i feel crazy. >> the secret most folks don't know, this look didn't come from any sugar, beatrix just likes making faces. >> because i was being silly with my cotton candy. and i was eating it all. >> but none compare to this tasteful look that's flavored the internet. >> i don't >> you're going to need some more. >> yeah. >> in fairness, it was her first time trying it. what a little girl. she's awesome. that was gabe coen reporting. coming up, one picture that's pretty hard to forget, it shows iron workers perched on top of the highest building west of the mississippi. yikes is right. more when first at 4:00
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>> now let's take a look at what's trending online today. >> beginning with graffiti along a national highway. live long and prosper. that's the advice it gives in rochester new york. this image of mr. spock went up on i49050 years after star trek went on the air. dalaris is taking credit for it and he hopes commuters smile at it. a newborn has a lifetime of free flights after his mother
4:59 pm
airline and the cabin crew helped her deliver a healthy baby boy. she named him after the plane's captain. check this out, you are looking at the iron workers who just put up the spire on the tallest building west of the mississippi. the wilshire grand tower in la got a 294-foot spire making the building almost 1100 feet tall. and to celebrate,y viral. >> i don't know how they do it. all right, newschannel8 at 5:00 with jen and keith starts right now. >> right now on newschannel8 at 5:00. >> raising a stink. 8 on your side wants answers about sewage dumped into the bay. we'll show you how we reacted when some people wouldn't play ball. >> plus, bank accounts charging fees. how to find out if you are owed money as part of the wells fargo fraud. >> and scammers stole $51,000 from her.
5:00 pm
and got nowhere. tonight, shannon behnken takes her case to the secret service. good evening. i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm keith cate. thank you very much for joining us tonight. 8 on your side is raising a stink tonight. the city of saint petersburg has not come clear about the dirty sewer water dumped into the bay. 8 on your shied is trying to figure out where the waste water is spilling into our waterways and when it will end. 8 on your side's jeff patterson joins us now live. right there along the waterfront. so what do we jeff? >> reporter: yeah, good evening keith. it is certainly a beautiful view here isn't it? despite two days of trying we don't know exactly where waste water is being dumped out here. or where it is going. it is an ugly problem. as waste water poured into the pipes from tropical storm hermine, it overwhelmed the season. millions of gallons of waste water was dumped into the bay.


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